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Business Planning

You have worked hard to build your business, and it may be one of your largest assets. Will the value of your business be available for the orderly transfer to partners and/or heirs? Reaching your business goals takes commitment, determination, and a solid plan. It also helps to have the right experts on your side that hear and understand your concerns. At RFS, we can coordinate with your other team of advisors on the development, implementation, and/or review of your business plan.

Employee Benefits

Are you offering your employees competitive benefits in a coordinated effort? Along with our team of specialists, RFS, with over four decades in the industry, has an ultimate goal to help develop and implement a benefits package to retain employees for years to come in the most cost-effective manner.

Executive Benefits

How can you attract and retain your key employees? Non-qualified benefit programs, also known as “golden handcuffs” strategies, might be what you need for retention. These strategies can be custom designed to reward and retain your executive team and your key employees. RFS has the privilege of working extensively with closely held businesses, and as a result, we can access a variety of solutions for building business value.

Partnership Planning

Do you have a co-owner or partner? Have you considered, what happens to your business in the event of things like death, disability, divorce, bankruptcy, voluntary separation, transferring stock to a third party, retirement, termination, and even how to handle disagreements between owners? The RFS team together with your other qualified professionals can help guide you through this process to ensure you maximize the value of the business.

Succession Planning

Is your exit, succession, and transition plan executed in writing? It’s critical to not only have a plan but also to monitor it from time to time to be sure it is still relevant. You’ve worked hard to build your business and should put in sufficient time to plot out its continuation after you and maximize the economic value. The RFS team together with your other advisors can help you in this area.

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