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Who We Are

Mickeyl Rosenzweig as the founder started by reaching out to Interns & Residents in Hospitals from 1979 thru 1985 with the goal of long term client retention. Over the years we have also purchased several strategic practices from other producers when we felt their clients fit into our firm culture. In 2008, again the Founder of RFS Mickeyl Rosenzweig spent several months with Stuart Appel, reviewing the existing firm which had grown dramatically with consultants. We then embarked on a strategic campaign to add another division by once again adding a team to add primarily young Medical clients so that the organization would have a much better chance of succession planning beyond the days of Mickey & Stuart. Back in 2008 our firm was adding about 20 or so young Doctors a year more as an accommodation to exisitng clients, and had not actually been doing any heavy marketing in the Resident market. It was determined that the best way for our firm to continue with succession planning was to bring in a team to focus on building out our core competence which was the young Professional market. Today our firm assists many Health Care Professionals, Attorneys, CPA's and a variety of small business owners.