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Insurance Planning

Our Step by Step Approach

Insurance plans are integral to a sound financial plan. Whether it is to cover unexpected events, like death and disability, or to cover succession planning, estate liquidity, insurance programs may ensure a smooth pass through life.

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What happens if you are not here tomorrow? What happens if you are not here tomorrow? If you readily cannot answer this question, you may need life insurance. A life insurance contract is when the insurer promises to pay a beneficiary a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person.* There are two basic types of life insurance to plan for life’s needs and goals, term life and permanent life. Within these two basic types, there are many different options available; we will evaluate your needs and discuss your options with you.

*All guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuer.

What if I unexpectedly can’t work? What if I unexpectedly can’t work? What if you are a surgeon and you shatter your wrist? For some professions, Disability Income Insurance may be the first insurance program you need. This coverage fills a shortfall in salary or wages during a lengthy salary disruption due to a disability. Office Overhead provides coverage to help the business owner be reimbursed for fixed eligible business expenses due to a disability. Disability Buy-Sell insurance can be used as a funding mechanism to buy out a disabled partner in the event of a disability. Loan indemnification coverage ensures your loan payments will continue to be made in the event of a disability. With RFS’s access to several insurance carriers, we will scan the industry for the best protection for you.

“Who” will take care of you when you can’t care for yourself? 

Have you properly protected your retirement and assets?

Are you missing the most important piece in your retirement planning puzzle?

Have you addressed the major financial "exposure" and the emotional impact of (Chronic) Long Term Care?

Take the necessary steps TODAY to keep from burdening your family! (Will you have the cash flow to pay for care?)

The Long Term Care “exposure” can now be addressed 3 ways…Traditional LTCI / Hybrid LTCI (Limited Pay) / Life Insurance with an LTC rider.

In addition, there are Tax incentives on Traditional LTCI if premiums are paid thru a business and in New York State, there is a 20% Tax CREDIT.

This invaluable protection is designed to offset the “crushing” costs of custodial or nursing care in one’s own home or care in a facility. This coverage IS ESSENTIAL to protect one’s lifestyle and the funds you have accumulated for retirement. We believe it MUST be included in all Financial Planning!

What if my employee or client sues me? What if my computer system gets hacked and confidential information gets out? What if my home or business is unexpectedly damaged? Do I have proper insurance protection? Property and casualty insurance is extremely important in any financial plan to ensure that you and your assets are protected in the event of a loss. With our strategic partner, Alliance Brokerage Corp., RFS is able to offer one of the widest arrays of options available in the industry. With over 100 years of industry leading insurance experience, Alliance Brokerage Corp. can provide its clients with the expertise and perspective necessary to address today’s increasingly diverse, complex and ever changing insurance environment. Alliance is committed to serving the interests of our clients by offering an expansive range of insurance programs and services from some of the nation’s finest and most respected providers along with sound advice and comprehensive administrative and claims services. Alliance’s role is to understand our clients’ objectives, customize effective insurance solutions and deliver the best possible coverage and service levels to protect your home or business.