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Financial Planning

Together with our joint venture partner 1847 Private Client Group, we can help you create a customized financial plan for your future. Our services are based on each client’s goals and objectives. We provide financial planning services to develop and implement a strategy designed to manage aspects of client finances, including: developing financial goals, investment analysis, retirement planning, cash flow and debt management, college savings, and estate planning.

Our Services

Retirement planning can seem like a maze. How much money will I need? What is the most tax-efficient way of putting together my retirement plan? How much do I need to contribute? RFS advisors look at all of your options, and help you plan for the day you stop working.

With 1847 Private Client Group, RFS offers a wide array of investment opportunities. When we think of wealth management we view it as the whole of financial planning and investment management.

Do you have a business succession plan and have you considered how your estate will be distributed? RFS coordinates with your tax and legal advisors, to help you plan the orderly distribution of assets and maximize lifetime giving opportunities.

Together, we will put in place an estate planning process that will help evaluate and may mitigate the impact of federal estate taxes, other transfer taxes, and probate. RFS’s goal is to help in the distribution of assets at death.

Eliminating debt is an important step in planning your financial future. With a Certified Financial Planner, RFS advisors can take you step-by-step in providing you with tools to help eliminate your debt. Once debt is eliminated, we can take you to the next step of the wealth management process.

A planning discipline, kept up-to-date, can help ensure that the business continues after the owner has retired, died, or become disabled. The planning process also may uncover strategies for helping owners convert their business equity into cash.