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Business Planning

You have worked hard to build a business and it may be your largest asset. Will the value of that business be available for retirement, or your heirs?

Reaching your business goals takes commitment, determination and a plan. It also helps to have the right experts on your side—the ones that listen to your concerns, and those of your other trusted advisors. At RFS, we can coordinate the development and implementation of your entire business plan, or we can complement your existing team. RFS offers the breadth of our experience over decades and professional resources you need to make your business plan work for you. From start up to your transition into retirement, a sale, and or succession planning. We can guide you through the process, step by step and also bring in qualified professionals to assist. 

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Our Services

Are you offering your employees competitive benefits? Along with our team of specialists, RFS works closely with you and your team to provide up-to-date benefit packages that include major medical, dental, group life, group short term and long term disability, voluntary benefits, and pension design & administration.

We have been in this marketplace for over four decades, offering full-service, competitive business insurance services and a full aray of employee benefits. Ultimate goal is help develop and implement a benefit package that helps with employee retention, etc.

Have your retirement plans been reviewed for ever changing tax laws, as well as design changes and you may be losing potential tax benefits that you are not aware of? A change in census and demographics could have a dramatic impact on plan design.

We, with our strategic partner, Penn Pension Center, are able to offer professional, current advice regarding 401(k) plans, defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, SIMPLEs and/or, SEP-IRA plans, etc. This capability is offered from design, installation and full ongoing administration.

We, with our strategic partner, 1847 Private Client Group, provide access to certified financial planners, offering investment and financial planning advice, analysis and implementation for Retirement investments. It's important you know what you paying for Investment Management advice and how your investments are doing compared to other strategies with similar risk tolerance.

How can you attract and retain your key employees? Non-qualified benefit programs, sometimes called “golden handcuffs” may be what you need. These strategies can be custom designed to reward and retain your executive team and/or key employees. RFS works extensively with closely-held businesses, and we can access a variety of solutions for building business value. We also partner with some of the leading firms in Executive Benefits in the US to be sure we are always trying to offer the best strategies possible.

Is your exit, succession and transition plan executed in writing? RFS will walk you through succession planning, step by step and bring in other qualified professionals and or work with your existing team. With the team, we will attempt to identify gaps in key planning areas for voluntary separation, death or disability, etc.

A planning discipline, kept up-to-date, can help ensure that the business continues after the owner has retired, died, or became disabled. The planning process also may uncover strategies for helping owners convert their business equity into cash.

Do you have a co-owner/partner? If so, you may want to consider a buy-sell agreement that will spell out what happens with the business in the case of certain events. Most business owners think first of death as being the big event, but there are several other events including disability, divorce, bankruptcy, voluntary separation, transferring stock to a third party, retirement, termination, and even how to handle disagreements between owners.

RFS as well as other qualified professionals can help guide you through the process, allowing you to structure your relationship in a way that suits your unique needs.

Have you considered how your business and estate will be distributed? RFS coordinates with your tax and legal advisors, to help you plan the orderly distribution of assets and maximize lifetime gifting opportunities.

Together, we will help put in place a process to evaluate and help mitigate the impact of federal estate taxes, other transfer taxes, and probate. RFS’s goal is to be a part of the team in the distribution of assets at death.